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(Read More...) During the start of senior year, she is sent to Eichen House after an attack from Theo Raeken.

She learns how to control her banshee abilities through Meredith Walker and uses her developed skills to help stop The Beast of Gevaudan.

Lydia helps Stiles push a Nogitsune out of his head and decides to use her developing banshee abilities to help people.

(Read More...) Lydia discovers her grandmother had similar abilities as a banshee and figures out that her IBM computer contained The Benefactor's Dead Pool.

Her paternal grandmother, Lorraine, was a banshee who never knew about her abilities which lead everyone to believe she was insane, but her and Lydia appeared to have a close relationship.

She would read The Little Mermaid to her and thought it was cute when Lydia wanted to be called Ariel.

(Read More...) Lydia returns to Stilinski's home, hoping to find a relic that belonged to "Stiles," which the Ghost Riders may have left behind.

She returns to the hallway where she last saw the elderly woman.

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(Read More...) Lydia notices a doctor sitting across from her in class, she confronts the woman, wondering who she is and why she's in the class.However, she harbored real love for him that surfaced when they broke up.She showed true feeling for Jackson in order for him to be free of the Kanima and save his life.(Read More...) She is forced to pay a tow truck driver off in effort to prevent Stiles' jeep from being taken out the school parking lot.(Read More...) Lydia meets a fellow Banshee in Canaan.

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