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Technology platforms in new law models are built to facilitate workflow, communication and in some instances to do the actual legal work.Whether the technology is used alone or in conjunction with other technologies as part of a global solution, the reliance on technology in New Law is undeniable.There are many ways of reconceiving the delivery of legal services.One is only limited by one’s imagination (or intransigence) as to how to create a model that works better than the traditional model.There is no monolithic definition of “New Law.” It encompasses different methods of providing legal services to business clients, to consumers directly, to under-served populations, or to any other number of markets.

The most cutting-edge technologies now are being developed in the area of predictive analytics, the ultimate result of which will be to further reduce the amount of traditional work lawyers do.

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This is the first in a four-part series examining the elements of New Law models in legal service delivery.

These companies and firms leverage talent appropriately with little excess or idle capacity.

They also take into account lawyer capacity that has been around now for some years given the displacement of numbers of highly-skilled attorneys.

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