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The sea nettles seen on this jellyfish cam can be found on the coastlines of Oregon, California and Baja Mexico.Jellyfish Stings Jellyfish catch their prey using stinging cells called nematocysts.Jellyfish Range Jellyfish are found in every ocean in the world and are mainly passive drifters, meaning they do not actively control their destination.Although they can propel themselves for short distances, they do not possess the power to control their direction for long distances.The large, colorful jellyfish you see on the live jellyfish cam are in the medusa stage.During reproduction, when jellyfish sperm fertilizes an egg, a planula is formed.As they grow, the jellyfish polyp eventually detaches from the structure and enters the medusa stage.In this stage, their tentacles hang down from their body.

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Jellyfish get their name from a jelly-like body, which is generally shaped like a bell.The stingers are often toxic and render the prey immobile.The prey is then passed up along the length of the tentacles and is fed into a small opening at the bottom of the bell-shaped body.Please note that does not operate any of the webcams featured.All camera images remain the property of the various ski resort sites.

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