Ian glanzman

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The highest OPS Rodriguez has against someone in double-digit plate appearances is against Brian Bannister.In their first matchup, Rodriguez walked and hit two home runs off the former Royal.He told Health Pop that this girl's case was a rare exception.In other words, "Do not try this at home." The girl had an extremely rare blood disorder called Glanzmann's thrombasthenia that affects one out of one million individuals, according to Humphreys.Ledezma was in the bullpen nine days later when he faced Rodriguez next.

Rodriguez then reached base six of the final seven times he faced Bannister and finished with a 2.248 OPS.

The disease prevents blood platelets from working properly to clot blood, so a simple nosebleed can turn into a scary problem.

Humphreys said the girl's bleeding continued for seven days, while doctors performed two operations without avail.

The Met is still a good player now, but is mainly beloved for reasons that don’t have to do with his accomplishments on the mound. Rodriguez’s career triple slash line against Colon is a pretty good .411/.429/1.000. Rodriguez picked up 12 hits and five walks in their matchups, and finished with a 1.980 OPS against Hernandez.

However, the more you lower the sample size, the funnier the stats become. If you add in Livan’s half-brother Orlando’s appearances against Rodriguez, that number drops to a paltry 1.490.

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