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It emerges directly from Perv Scan in the sense that the web site has served as a sort of research laboratory — a place to examine real-world examples of deviant behavior, to experiment with concepts, and to workshop them with the thousands of visitors who have left comments on the site.

To be clear, Perversity Think Tank is not a "blook" or a "book of the blog" or a compendium of entries from Perv Scan.

Pig Porks Pig Lewd Email Goes Global Kama Sutra by Phone Erotic Purikura Sari Or Swimsuit?

Bolt Dick Pubic Hair Transplants Get Wind Of This: Gas Kills Sex Life Anti-Pedo Cybervigilantes Baby with Dildo Heating the Dead Different Strokes Testicle Attack Photographic Flasher Man Gives Pig a Poke Knickers Nicker Nabbed Infidel Barbie Penis Enlargement Pills Full of Shit (Literally) Traffic Camera Zooms in on Breasts Man Gets Rocks off on Rock Drunken Lesbian Assaults Woman in Bar Toilet Technical Ambulanceman Took Photo Of Accident Victim Rafters Use Sex Dolls Worst Jobs in Science Meat-for-Sex Swap Man Cuts Off Penis to Teach Wife Lesson Foot Fetish Burglar Sex Inspectors Amazon Sells “Deadly” Pedophile Magazine Costa Killer Corpse Fetish Starfucker The Dog as Porn Star Wives with Knifes, Man without Manhood America & Australia Are “Gayest Countries” Brotherhood of Gropers Schoolgirls Caught with Homemade Porn Man in Women’s Underwear Hid Bomb Breasts and Genetic Engineering Airport Urine Fetish Most Disgusting Sex Crime of the Year Necro Duck Bestiality and Incest on 10th Grade Syllabus Sexual Tourism for Grandfathers Another Amateur Castrator Hemingway’s Son — Or Daughter?

The Lump and the Cult “Impotent” Pedo Why My Boobies Are a Threat to National Security Call for Ban on Animal Sex Toys Sex Workers Get Back Pain Advice A Chinese Has 19.3 Sex Partners Peeper in the Ceiling Fake Cop Trying To Get Women To Undress No Sex Please, We Are Zittish Man Gives Out Porn on Halloween Mom Breastfeeds Puppy Thai Man Cuts Off Teens’ Penises Teacher Got Sick Sex Kick A Million Child Sex Images Seized Women Say Airport Pat-Downs Are a Humiliation Obesity No Good for Sex Madonna Doesn’t Want Daughter to Follow in Her Footsteps 17th Century Porn on the Block Saudi Sex Change Vaginal Plastic Surgery Doctorate Could Justify Child Sex Tokyo Police Crack Down on Sex Ads Baseball’s Hottest Wife Sex Workers Get Business Support From Families Diet Pills Increase Chance of Lesbian Child Sex Crimes: Do Punishments Fit?

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The stories were organized by date and by category (e.g. When the site was shuttered on 14 February 2010, there were 1,305 posts and 7,856 comments.

411 Costs More Than Phone Sex Gummy Bear Implants Girl Held for Sex with Dog Hooker Malls in Hungary Porn Buddy Princeton Student Arrested for Snatching Locks God Wants You to Have Good Sex Japan Women Get Own Subway Cars Man Admits Leaving Photos of Genitals on Cars MP Arrested For Sexual Assault on His Pet Dog Raped at Wendy’s Mailbag: In Defense of the Manhattan Madam Man and Sister Charged with Incest in Trafford For Asian Women ‘Fetish’ Not Benign Youths Used Sex Shop Uniforms to Pose As Cops Pink Plates Proposed for Sex Offenders Valley Man Accused of Having Sex with His Dog Stiff Competition for Cast Sifting Clues to an Unsmiling Girl FDA Seeks Ban on Gay Sperm Donors Mailbag: Masturbate-a-Thon Text Messages Offer Girl Sex Job Anara Gupta Porn Video Saga Cyber Slave Driver Yahoo Sued over Child Porn Site He Loves Lucy the Dog Sex-Starved Boy Rapes Mother Thirteen State Employees Fired for Sending Lewd Emails Molestor Mania in Florida Upskirt Subway Camera Causes Bomb Scare Lover in Closet Kills Husband Mailbag: More Masturbate-a-Thons Labourer Jailed for Having Sex with Fowl FTC Crackdown on ‘Lonely Housewives’ Spam Rare Sex Toys Stolen from Brothel Museum Sex Offenders Tracked by Satellite All Girls Are Good to Look at Mailbag: Casting Call for UK Pervs Litigious Pornographer Sues Google Ofcom Says OK to Sex with Animals Why Is a Bad, Ineffective Idea Sketch of Michael Jackson’s Penis Posted on the Internet A Verbal Aphrodisiac Cocktail Anti-Rape Device Mixed-Gender Pornography Boosts Sperm Quality Boy Admits to Bestiality before Rape Mailbag: Ms World Leather Charity Auction Baby Man Stripping Becomes Big Business in Manhattan Lindsay Lohan Digital Breast Reduction Lovely Home, Shame about the Homicidal Former Tenant Mailbag: Marquis de Sade Literary Society The Devil Told Me to Have Sex with Sheep Molester Suspected in 36,000 Abuse Cases Yahoo Shuts Chat Rooms After Child-Porn Report Bomb Squad Called To Defective Sex Toy Septuagenarian Admits Gay Sex Assault on Teenager Indian University Bars Miniskirts to Deter Rape What’s Obscene? Man Arrested for Hiding in Outhouse Toilet He Grabbed Girl’s Arm And Now He’s a Sex Offender Foot Fetish Kidnapper Paris Hilton Pics Land Man in Court Man Arrested for Exposing Breasts Violent Video Game under Fire for Secret Sex Scenes Teen Charged with Having Sex with Younger Sister Giving the Dog a Bone Twenty Orange County Men Face Child-Porn Charges Women Find Sex Notes on Windshields Best. Vigilante May Have Slain Sex Offenders Ex-Prof, 81, Indicted on Sex Charges Athens Man Charged with Sex Act with Dog Plans to Save Sex-Crazy Apes Mailbag: How to Report Child Pornography Streaker Causes Stir at School Neighbor Stole ID to Join Porn Sites Kate Moss Sex Scandal Mayor Offered Drugs, Cash for Sex with Minors Man Tries Sex Video to Get Protection Order Lifted Life Sentence for Sex Offender who Left Threats on Computer Dead Ringers Redux Diary of a Drug Rapist Man Was Sold for Sex by Prison Gang Licenses Required for Working at Sex-Oriented Businesses Surprise Trends In Oral Sex Demographics Sea Alert As Crew Watch Sexy Film Man Faces Dog Sex Charges Sex Visits Organised for Disabled Men Learn Sexy Walk with Pelvic Extension Frame Ohio Man Pleads Guilty to Killing Former Priest Pedophile Hanged in Iran Wandering Alzheimer’s Patient Raped, Shot Penis Microwaved Belgian Judges Say Virtual Sex Is Grounds for Divorce Suicide Bid after Sex with Goat Rape Suspect Used Other Men’s Sperm Musical Breast Implants Police Say Burglar Caught in the Act Man Steals Phone for Sex Student Suspended After Wearing Penis Costume Man Arrested for Sexually Assaulting Dog Hartford Man Charged With Lewd Calling Card Mom Used Son in Porn Husband in the Dock after Sex Tape Discovery Calling Real Necrophiles Necrophilia Variations Pedophile Clergy Sent to Alaska Nurse Who Flashed Her Breasts Is Struck Off Accused Pedophile’s Child-Eating Lists Suspected Voyeur Arrested Atop TV Antenna Penis Size Used As Defence in Trial Business Guru in Web Sex Scandal A Slap on the Wrist for Perverted Crime Perv Scan’s Policy on Email Addresses Serial Sex Pest Aged 72 Sent to Prison The Necrophilia Defense The Giraffe and the Panty Collector Study Finds Rural Men Often Use Condom Incorrectly Sex Mall Highlights Changing Attitudes in Mexico Man Found Naked with Mannequin i Pod Sex Toy Strippers Punished for Spanking Birthday Boy Nothing Natural about “Perfect” Breasts The Broken American Male Porn Does Not Make Sex Objects Funeral Director Caught in an Online Sex Sting S&M Investors Ex-Sex Slaves’ Art Creative Spark Fuels Active Sex Life Man Pulls Truck with Penis Camera in School Bathroom Lowering the Age of Consent in the Czech Republic Woman Catches Man in Her Underwear Cutting Up a Body No Sign of Psychosis Lesbian Sex Assault Beastiality Figures Alarming Lone Protestor Heckles Worshipers Taunted Girl’s Breasts Reduced Children Had Web Access to Sex Toy Ads Fake Retard Fondles Caretakers Amish Man Pays Dearly in Sex Scam Revirgination Surgery Fetish Gear Death Riddle Baby, Take It Easy on My Penis Caustic Fluid Fetish Man Given 20 Years for Having Sex with Tot ‘Messiah’ Gave Sex Therapy Sessions Farting and Eros The Offender Is the Victim’s Victim, and Vice Versa Sex, Lies, and Mud Horse Sex Story Is Most Popular Man Admits Sex With Blind, Deaf, Terminally-Ill Girl Sober Worm Prompts Net Perv Confession Mooning Disgusting But Legal Man Guilty of Sodomizing Dog Strangled Mom and Had Sex with Her Dead Body Profiling a Gerontophile Suicide by Lolita Sex Stephen Baldwin Protests Adult Store Sex Offender Raped and Stabbed His Own Daughter A Grody Picture Panty Thief in a Toga Banker Facing Sack after Sexy Email Sent Around the World Sisters’ Sex Attacker Gets Life Huge Manhood Is a Curse Double life for Gay Murderer Peeper Had Bestiality Porn Sexual Injuries Perv Jailed for Girl’s Sex Ordeal Terms of Endearment Library Wanker Hey Prowler, Now Urine Jail Sex Shop Awards 2006 High Court to Rule on Law Banning Sex with a Stepchild Christian Sex Toys Web Site Thriving The Hard-On Hunters Anti-Child Porn Author Climbs Lighthouse In Tiger Suit Man without Pants Leads Police on Chase Aphrodisiac Soda To Be Sold In Stores Complete Breast Is Grown from Single Stem Cell Goat Sex Hazing Incident County Officials Apologize After Library Porn Incident Lovers and liars: How many sex partners have you really had?

Horse Penis and Testicles with a Chilli Dip My Free Augmenting Self-Esteem Everywhere Foxy Felon Circle Jerk Man Hides In Bathrooms, Drinks Boys’ Urine Sudan Man Forced to Marry Goat Sex with a partner is 400% better Seville Man Is Charged in Internet Porn Sting Bestiality Week Professor Allegedly Shows Explicit Video Sheep-Sex Case Is No Laughing Matter to Area Woman The Glamorous Kitten Killer of Hangzhou A My Space Perv Furry Bestiality Week: Closing Remarks Confession: We Had Sex with Dead Bodies Cosmetic Surgery Improves Sexual Satisfaction Palmist Reveals Sex Secret Inflatable Sex Dolls to Fight Mexican Machismo Sex in an Empty Bank Ordeal Too Short for Benefit Shreveport Man Faces Animal Cruelty Charge for Sex with Dog Man Severs Own Penis, Throws It at Officers Mustafa Shag Ex-Stripper Takes Godly Message to Unlikely Flock Baldwin Gets an Ally in Anti-Porn Fight 3 Charged in Castrations in Haywood Dungeon Farmworker Jailed for Sex with Grieving Teenager Ads Offer to Swap Rent for Sex Sex Doll Factory Breaking, Entering, and Wanking 40,000 Ecstasy Pills in Nine Years Hamas to Fight Porn Culture Sex in the MRI Man Mails Bomb to Surgeon He Claims Botched Penile Enlargement Man Finds Friend’s Girlfriend Dead but Desirable Wives Help Man Rape Daughters Supervisor Criticized For Racy Email Canada Post Rejects Topless Stamp Senate Seals No-Contact Sex Assault Loophole Interview with a Public Wanker Clinical Web Site May Be Target 0f Porn Seekers Measures to Deter Duppies Farmer Tells Sex Trap Tale Happy Birthday, Perv Scan Perv Scan and Perv Man Admits NY Foot-Fetish Assaults Mr.

Hoax Blow-Up Sheep Ordeal Cup and Gown Anti-Pedo Ads The Family Bush Fruits, Vegetables, Hookers Danes Permit Office Porn Fetish Farm The Masturbation Diet (or Onanibics) Flashing Granny Is “Not Obscene” Pedophilia Not Glamorous Love Boat What Is Rape?

Here Comes the Judge Suck or Be Caned Drunk Shoots Off Balls Kiddie Porn on Computer Sold at Police Auction Teen Sold to Her Rapist The Princess Boob Shot The Poop-Eating Defense High-Speed Love Connection Fetish for Female Clerics Strip Search Hoax Calls Man Assaulted with Swizzle Sticks Man Molests Mutt Caller Will Return Lost Bird for Sex Putting the Tit in Titanium Sex Education: Urgent Matter or Act of Satan?

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