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I found out about 6 months ago right before I got married that my husband love pregnant women too.

Its something about the way the belly swells up and everything about the woman changes. At that time we met each other she was already pregnant more than 9 months. He burned all my clothes and always accused me for doing somthing i wasnt even doing.

Our webcam girls want to be absolutely sure that they are chatting with users over the age of 18.

With this pregnancy I've been getting very kinky and taboo with detailed and erotic chat or true experiences stories(i started early and like to hear other's first time sexual experience ect.) or detailed fantasies like taboo/daddy/daughter or teacher/schoolgirl and I would like to find a discreet man to mic/cam chat with and explore this further and deeper.I'd love a chance to talk with someone who is pregnant, and would definitely date as well. I was stunned when I saw her at once, a very lovely and cute pregnant wife in a pink maternity dress. During the time we met we went for eating, shopping... According to reports, one of the Muslims were so bothered by the fact that the woman was pregnant, she just had to say something about it.You can imagine the woman’s surprise when she heard the words “white slut” uttered from one of the veiled Muslims.

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