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The claim against Google is around complaints that Google favors it own products and services, non search-related, when someone in Europe uses Google to search.The complaints came from Microsoft, Trip Advisor, Yelp and others. If found guilty of abusing its market dominance — Google controls 90 percent of search in Europe — it may have to pay a six billion Euro fine.That’s equivalent to 10 percent of Google’s annual profits.Which is a good thing, because Hangouts in Gmail just Why the Hangouts hate?

It's simple to ask questions about casual swinging on the site's advice line or in the live chat rooms.

It’s everything about instant message clients we were trying to get away from, except worse. Here’s a library of the ugliest ones you’ve ever seen, designed by Google’s resident Fentanyl addict.

Did you like how Gchat’s IM windows were small, and kept out of the way so you could concentrate on your email?

After two years of gently suggesting that users switch from the classic Gchat UI to the newer Hangouts platform, Google surprised Gmail users around the world this week by automatically switching everyone over.

Luckily, there’s an easy way to get the old Gchat back.

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    The pad works normally with two Lumia 920s I've tested. Though the Nexus 4 uses Qi (likely thanks to LG's membership in the Wireless Power Consortium), Google itself recently announced its intention to support the competing Power Matters Alliance along with Verizon competitor AT&T.

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