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8 Minute Dating is a speed dating service for singles.They host a number of functions throughout the year where attendees are paired off with each other for eight minutes before moving on to the next attendee.The author must also recognize the contribution of those individuals who were asked to review the draft text, including: Patricia Farnese, Assistant Professor University of Saskatchewan, Senior Law Fellow with Centre for Studies in Agriculture, Law and the Environment (CSALE); Mary Griffiths, Environmental Policy Analyst, Pembina Institute for Appropriate Development; Ralph Leibel, Director of Community Planning, Municipal Relations Division, Saskatchewan Government Relations and Aboriginal Affairs (GRAA); Sharon Mascher, Professor of Natural Resources Law and Environmental Law, University of Saskatchewan; Lorne Veitch, Regional Manager, South Regional office, Saskatchewan Agriculture, Food and Rural Revitalization; and Rick Stilling, Provincial Manager, Oil and Gas Development, Saskatchewan Environment (SE).The following donors provided funding essential to the publication of this work: Centre for Studies in Agriculture, Law and the Environment (CSALE) at the University of Saskatchewan; Nexen Canada Inc.; and the Saskatchewan Environmental Society. The contents of this guide are the responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of those who are acknowledged above.

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i TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction _________________________________________________ 1 Chapter One: Legal Rights of Landowners and Occupants _________ 3 A. Crown versus private ownership of mineral rights in Saskatchewan _______________________________________________________ 3 1.

Mineral Rights______________________________________________________________ 3 a. Royalties and Taxes________________________________________________________ 4 b. Freehold Mineral (Petroleum) Rights __________________________________________ 4 2.

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