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In 2012, the Oregon legislature amended ORS 419B.005, the Oregon child abuse statute, to address the scope of the requirement that school officials, even in private colleges and universities, report suspected child abuse to the proper authorities.In the same year, the Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights issued a “Dear Colleague” letter providing guidance for universities in addressing sexual assault on campuses.Employees in Bishop Wellness Center and the Chaplain of the University are statutorily exempt from the duty to report.

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The obligation to report child abuse applies whether knowledge of suspected abuse comes about as a result of your work for Willamette University, or in the regular course of your daily life, and should also be made even if the child or family member does not wish to file a report.

Suspected abuse of minor children (under age 18) should be reported to the Oregon Department of Human Services by calling (503) 378-6704.

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