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The introduction of the 747-300 did little to stem the decline, and itself faced potential competition from more modern designs.As a result, Boeing began considering a more significant upgrade for its largest passenger jet.

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Besides increased capacity, the 747-300 did not offer any increase in range, nor did it include improvements in flight deck technology or construction materials.

In 1980, Boeing announced the 747-300, its latest 747 variant featuring greater passenger capacity.

This was made possible by making a stretched upper deck (SUD), previously an option on the 747-200, a standard feature.

A cargo variant, the 747-400F, was first delivered in May 1993 to Cargolux..

The next month, the extended range (ER) passenger version entered service with Qantas, the only airline ever to order the passenger version of the 747-400ER.

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